We will help you to catch the eyes of consumers.  We achieve this through a variety of promotional products, from over-the-top media vehicles, our digital billboards, backpack walkers, promotional trikes, creative video content and other unique advertising ideas.



Our Seesaw Media Vehicles are our big attention grabbers! 


These vehicles offer large advertising spaces.  They are a great and effective way of promoting a a business, brand or product. 

These vehicles are constantly traveling, grabbing the attention of locals and visitors in high traffic areas of the Southern Highlands. 
Where we go Our media vehicles travel all over the Southern Highlands as we also run a logistics business at the same time.

This keep our vehicle on the road everyday delivering and picking up all kinds of goods for people and and businesses of the Southern Highlands giving you more exposure and directing your message to more consumers.





 SeeSaw’s digital window is at the rear entrance of High St in Bowral facing one of the busiest and most central car parks in the town.  
 This digital billboard has a huge amount of slow-moving traffic of over 1,500 cars per day as well as slow foot traffic of over 3,000 people per day.  This means your message is reaching a potential audience of over 30,000 viewers per week! 






These eye catching billboard Trikes are a way of getting to even more places that a car cannot go and are a really fun way of promoting your Business

The Trikes have very low restrictions and are perfect for any outdoor event and easy to lock up 

Combine the Trikes an the backpack billboards  to get that extra attention and awareness of your advertisement and it seen virtually any where. If you know how to ride a Bike ! , you know how to ride a Trike !